Mathematics for Shape-Memory Technologies in Biomechanics



ERC The research programme Mathematics for Shape Memory Technologies in Biomechanics (BioSMA) is funded by the European Research Council under the Starting Independent Research Grant scheme.

The project is aimed at developing modeling, analysis, and simulation of the macroscopic thermomechanical evolution of special materials and, in particular, Shape Memory Alloys (SMAs). Check our Research pages for more info.

BioSMA (2008-2013) is coordinated by Ulisse Stefanelli.


  • 01/09/2013 BioSMA project concluded!
    The BioSMA project ended in August! We will post here the final report soon. In the meantime, here a [...] More...
  • 13/02/2013 ERC Workshop on Variational Views in Mechanics and Materials
    We have the pleasure to announce the ERC Workshop Variational Views in Mechanics and Materials to be [...] More...


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